Why Us?


Competitiveness & reliability of supply

By creating economic advantages through proprietary technology, economies of scale and backward integration, we maintain our competitive edge.


Extensive product portfolio

We already provide one of the broadest and most comprehensive and cost-effective ranges on the market. By developing and offering high-quality solutions for improved performance, we open the door to new markets and applications.


Global reach, local execution

We have multiple locations for productions and these facilities are our strength which enables us to ensure smooth and on-time deliveries.


Focusing on customers’ existing & future needs

Through listening closely to customers and consistently adding new products and solutions for high-end applications, Supreet Group is providing customers with products that improve processing efficiencies and the return on their investment, as well as supporting industry growth.


Best-in-class & comprehensive customer support

By covering all service areas, ranging from customer service to regulatory support, our customers are well taken care of. Supreet Group also places great importance on regulatory issues and is using regulatory development to drive its innovation efforts.


Team of professionals

Our strong talented team of committed, ambitious and loyal people is the backbone of Supreet Group’s success. We continuously strengthen our organization with new key talents. Our people know that we consider them to be the company’s real asset, and that we are committed to creating the best working conditions for all of them.