Manufacturing Excellence

In order to guarantee the quality and availability that customers have come to expect, Supreet Group pursues a strategy of backward integration. All manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest systems, operated with state-of-the-art equipment and continuously upgraded.

Manufacturing Equipments

Sr. No.DescriptionRange of Capacity
1Glass lined Reaction Vessels4 KL to 10 KL
2S. S. Reaction Vessels3 KL to 10 KL
3M.S. Reaction Vessels3 KL to 8 KL
4Tile lined Reaction Vessels6 KL To 20 KL
5HDP Reaction Vessels2.2 KL To 25 KL
6Addition Tanks M.S.1.5 KL to 2.0 KL
7Addition Tanks S.S.1.5 KL to 2.0 KL
8Storage Tanks M.S./ S.S./HDPE3 KL to 30 KL
9High Vacuum distillation Unit SS 3163.0 KL
10Nitration Reaction Vessels0.8 KL to 8 KL
11Auto Clave SS 316 , 2 lit to 800 lits4.5 KL to 6.0 KL
12Amination reaction vessels8 KL to 10 KL
13Chloro sulfonators6 KL
14M.S.R.L reactors25 to 50 KL
16SPRAY Dryer , SS500 lit to 1000 lit
17Fluidizer bed Dryer, SS100 to 300 kg/hr
18Boiler1 T to 3 T
19Stand by Power Generating Unit125 KVA to 380 KVA
20Nitrogen Blanketted flaker UnitS.S
21De moistureising UnitMS Limpetted
22Centrifuge, SS,MS, Rubber line,24 “ / 36”/48”1.0 T to 1.5 T
23Cooling towers80 TR to 300 TR
24Chilling plants ( from -20 ’C to 5 ’C)20 tr to 80 TR
25S.S. 316 BlendersS.S 316.
26HDPE Nutches2 KL to 8 KL
27Nutche filter, SS, MS, Rubber2.5 KL to 3.5 KL
28Close candle filters SS,MS1.5 KL to 2.5 KL
29Vacuum Pump MS,SS600 mmHg to 720 mmHg
30Multi stage Steam Ejectors755 mmHG to 759 mmHg
31Micro pulverisersS.S. 316
32Chilling Compressor-
33Air Compressor-
34Triple effect evaporator for ETP-
35Scrubber systems ( MS,Graphite, HDPE, ) for SO2 gas, HCl gas , free chlorine gasMulti stage
36ETP system-

Laboratory Equipments

Sr. No.Equipment Name
1High Performance Liquid Chromatograph [HPLC]
2Gas Liquid Chromatograph [GLC]
3Thin Layer Chromatograph [TLC]
4Auto Titrators
8Refract meter
9Melting Point Apparatus
10Atomic Absorption Unit

R & D Equipments

Sr. No.Equipment Name
1Reaction Assembly to carry out all kind of the reactions lying under our Range of Chemistry from 50 ml to 50 Lit.
2Autoclaves – 1 Lit to 800 Lit.